If pictures worth a thousand words,
than motion pictures worth thousand of memories.

There are countless unforgettable moments in movies, anime, and other form of motion pictures. I used to quote my most favourite line, and keep it inside my heart.  Then I will recall it from time to time. In my best day. In my worst day. It will suddenly pop into my head when the perfect and relevant moments arrive in my life.

But then I notice a few problems. First, I only keep them in my heart, or head. But being a mere mortal, I can’t help but forgotten it sometimes. Second, sometimes the best moments in a motion pictures works didn’t come in a form that could be used as a simple quotes. Usually, this involves a long narration or monologue or conversation.

That’s why I decide to start this blog. Just for the sake of capturing those moments. Just for the sake to help me remember those moments.




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