[Oregairu] About Hurting Other People’s Feelings



One thought on “[Oregairu] About Hurting Other People’s Feelings

  1. Thanks for capturing meaningful moment, @Harry.
    I also agree Hiratsuka-sensei’s lesson is very important. I’m sure the main character will learn this and ready to reach people who are getting trouble. Just like when he’s ready to confront Yukino & Yuigahama.

    I wrote Oregairu analysis about a certain person’s real suffering (from the past – present) that mentioned in light novel volume 10, I am waiting for Hachiman will reach that person in the story too. But I think he will reach Yukino first, before she (or him too) will reach that person. I will see how he and Yukino will prepare to hurt her/him in order to reach and understand the real her/him someday.


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